Botany Enthusiasts Are Sharing Pictures Of Gorgeous Plants And They’re Plant-Tastic 85 Pics)

Spring has sprung! At least here, in the Northern hemisphere. Forests and meadows as well as neighborhoods and gardens are once again flourishing with life and color, infusing us with positive vibes.

But if for some reason you can’t go outside to enjoy all of this beauty, there’s a place on the Internet that perfectly captures it too. Sure, it’s not the real deal, but it’s as close as it gets.

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There’s a subreddit called Botanical Erotica (I’m paraphrasing a bit), and its 218K members are constantly sharing high-quality images of plants, including trees, flowers, and even fungi. Continue scrolling and enjoy some of its most popular posts of all time.

#1 Oldest Living Tree East Of The Mississippi

Image credits: jecapobianco

#2 Some Azalea

Image credits: jecapobianco

#3 Daisy Carpet At Urashima Flower Park In Japan

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#4 150 Year Old Wisteria Tree In Ashikaga Flower Park In Japan

Image credits: anon43850

#5 My Fiancé Asked Me To Take Photos Of Her Philodendron Prince Of Orange Blooming

Image credits: timothycdykes

#6 Wisteria Climbs Up A Home In South Kensington, London. (Wisteria Floribunda)

Image credits: GoncalvoMendoza

#7 This Camellia Seen At A Botanical Garden In Florida

Image credits: melisse3000

#8 Sword Ferns Of Oregon

Image credits: ChewyUbleck

#9 Perfectly Twisty Tree

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: LenniX

#10 Here’s How My Wife And I Spent Earth Day: Looking At Bee Butts Poking Out Of Trillium Grandiflorum (Large White Trillium)!

Image credits: schroeder742

#11 Rainbow Eukalyptus

Image credits: NewBronzeAge

#12 Hoya Imbricata Conquering A Wall

Image credits: cur10us10

#13 The Eastern Redbud (Cercis Canadensis) Blossoming Tree

Image credits: sacrecoeur1206

#14 Bougainvillea Draped Balconies, Grand Miramar Hotel, Puerto Vallarta

Image credits: MyKalicat

#15 Venus Fly Traps In Their Natural Habitat (Green Swamp, Nc)

Image credits: barefeethippie

#16 Wisteria

Image credits: tomi2903

#17 Longwood Gardens From 8/19 – They Took Good Care Of The Place While It Was Closed For Quarantine

Image credits: KLPhotos215

#18 Pink Flowers On A Tree In The Kansas City Snow

Image credits: Hoeful_Romantic

#19 Flowers At Dusk

Image credits: spiiiitfiiiire

#20 A Perfectly Round Dahlia

Image credits: Evie_Moonbeam

#21 Dewey Pines (Drosophyllum Lusitanicum), A Carnivorous Plant

Image credits: Outrageous_Bell4293

#22 Ghost Caladium (Caladium Moonlight)

Image credits: sacrecoeur1206

#23 Red Mexican Bird Of Paradise At Night

Image credits: disposablepresence

#24 I Just Want To Share A Sample Of How Beautiful Maize Can Be. These Are A Few Nameless (As Far As I Know) Varieties From A Tiny Town In The Peruvian Andes. I Had A Conversation With A Farmer About How Most People In The U.S. Haven’t Seen Anything But Yellow Corn, And He Insisted On Giving Me These!

Image credits: Bem-ti-vi

#25 Who Loves The Different Textures Of Lichen?

Image credits: haileyscomet2039

#26 My Azaleas After 2 Years Of Love And Coffee Grinds

Image credits: Affectionate_Use1087

#27 Ranuculus

Image credits: Dragzy114

#28 A Hybrid Rose

Image credits: rosenberries

#29 A Sea Of Narcissus

Image credits: ResponsibleFox3034

#30 Bougainvillea At River Antoine Rum Distillery In Grenada. Its The National Flower

Image credits: sheplanty

#31 My Mom Has Had This Succulent For Years And It Finally Bloomed! It Was Too Pretty Not To Share

Image credits: Robozomb

#32 I Don’t Know Why But I’ve Got A Favorite Stem On One Of My Spiderworts (Tradescantia Fluminensis ‘Tricolor’)

Image credits: _Pch

#33 The Colors Of Plumeria

Image credits: TheDiscoFarmer

#34 Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, 2018

Image credits: sheplanty

#35 Artichoke In Full Bloom

Image credits: Johnnyonduhblock

#36 I Found White Poppies

Image credits: Eleminohp

#37 Entrance To A Stone Cottage Adorned With Flowers In Stockbridge, Edinburgh, Scotland

Image credits: DifferenceKey1399

#38 Hellebores

Image credits: touchfeel

#39 The Most Beautiful Tulips!

Image credits: meow__meg

#40 A Veil Made Of Poppies

Image credits: kriskirby86

#41 Pink Fuchsia (Fuchsia Hybrida)

Image credits: sacrecoeur1206

#42 Wisteria Sinensis, Wisteria, My Back Porch

Image credits: Clifford_the_big_red

#43 Bottom Side Of A Victoria Amazonica (Amazon Water Lily, Or “Vitória-Régia” In Brazil)

Image credits: vitortensai

#44 Forget-Me-Not

Image credits: newt_girl

#45 Hepatica Americana ‘Ashwood Marbles’

Image credits: Middle-agedMuppet

#46 Spring Is Coming

Image credits: otto_the_otter

#47 White Milkweed Growing In The Woods On My Property

Image credits: eehttofu

#48 Bleeding Heart Perennial Covered In Snow This Morning In Michigan

Image credits: KickinAP1985

#49 The Flower Fields At Carlsbad, California Last April. Ranunculus Of Every Colour!

Image credits: MyKalicat

#50 Lilacs Are Starting To Bloom!

Image credits: Dustyhook836

#51 Graptopetalum Bellus; “Chihuahua Flower”

Image credits: WideEyes369

#52 Dahlias In Sw Portland By Yvette

Image credits: Yovetty

#53 Hibiscus In The Costa Rican Rainforest

Image credits: darkpyschicforce

#54 Utricularia Kumaonensis, A Small Carnivorous Bladderwort Species Of The Eastern Himalayas

Image credits: r_Reptilian

#55 Witch Hazel

Image credits: HellsJuggernaut

#56 Hybrid Fuchsia (One Of My All Time Favorites)

Image credits: SearchForPassion

#57 Viola Orange Jump-Up

Image credits: Roymundo

#58 Lilac (Syringa)

Image credits: Master_Betty603

#59 Unique Tulip Variety Named The Ice Cream Tulip

Image credits: sacrecoeur1206

#60 Pinguicula ‘Florian’

Image credits: WideEyes369

#61 Crocus Madness

Image credits: jecapobianco

#62 Inside A Hydrangea

Image credits: sacrecoeur1206

#63 Love The Way This Orchid Fits In The Window

Image credits: spiiiitfiiiire

#64 My Blackout Lilies

Image credits: chunkyopossum

#65 Botanical Garden In Charlotte

Image credits: janeandrew02

#66 Violas Growing Thru The Sidewalk

Image credits: meow__meg

#67 Added A Lot Color To The Yard This Year. Lots Of Annuals And Fuschias

Image credits: RocknGardener

#68 Palm Trees Are Generally Not Native In Arizona, With The Exception Of A Very Small Cluster, Existing Up A Steep Ravine, Inside A Canyon In The Kofa Mountains. California Fan Palms, Palm Canyon, Arizona

Image credits: eTeT

#69 Beautiful Crown!!

Image credits: WideEyes369

#70 A Popular Houseplant, Satin Pothos (?????????? ??????), In Natural Habitat, Lowland Dipterocarp Forest, Central Singapore

Image credits: portemanteau

#71 Peach Blossoms Looking Good On A Sunny California Day!

Image credits: darkpyschicforce

#72 Oh My, Oh My! Myosotis In Pink. Something I’ll Never Forget!

Image credits: leathershopgirl

#73 Someone Threw Out This Orchid In The Dumpster. Rescued A Real Beauty

Image credits: jilkovina

#74 My Mum’s Indoor Hydrangea Is Just My Dream Colour Palette. Jaw Droppingly Gorgeous

Image credits: nellieeen

#75 Alstromeria Blooming On My Balcony

Image credits: verenikh

#76 One Of The Many Flowers I Grow In My Garden

Image credits: nora_rose_valkyrie

#77 A Frozen Rose

Image credits: nora_rose_valkyrie

#78 Saihō-Ji, Kyoto

Image credits: janeandrew02

#79 Small Portion Of My Mom’s Garden Which I’m Quite Jealous Of

Image credits: cherrytreefactory

#80 My Favorite Flower King Protea From Todays Cut

Image credits: yoloco9519

#81 Tulip Fire Wings – One Of The Many Varieties We Grow At My Job

Image credits: vespertineblight

#82 A Blue-Hued Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis

Image credits: cherry_cyanide

#83 Turned Out Nice

Image credits: Hogbeast6

#84 Berberis Darwinii I Am Always Wowed Out By The Coral And Orange Colours Of The Flowers. It Seems Far Too Exotic To Be Growing In The U.k.

Image credits: leathershopgirl

#85 Columbine

Image credits: Teal_Confetti


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