Boyfriend Gets Mad After His Significant Other Eats “Too Much” Over At His Folks’ Christmas Dinner

Ah, the Christmas family dinner. Everything smells like gingerbread cookies, there’s a fireplace radiating that feel-good warmth and a dozen dishes ready to stuff you like a Thanksgiving turkey. What can go wrong?

For many of us, dinner at the partner’s parents’ household is a real trial by fire. No matter how pretty you look or that you have better table manners than Queen Elizabeth herself (four kinds of spoons? No problem!), there will always be something that you won’t be prepared for.

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As the user TheOA12345 shares in her story full of plot twists, everything seemed perfectly fine and her first Christmas dinner with her boyfriend’s parents – a very important first – okay until it suddenly wasn’t.

Raised to eat as much as your belly can fill not to disrespect the host, the author of the story filled her plate, had a second when prompted by the hostess. How then can you say no to a cup of coffee and a slice of cheesecake too, right?

Catching a fishy look from her significant other during dinner, getting shouted at and even called fat for not having any manners was far from how the author envisioned finishing this special night. Yet, little did she know Arabian dining etiquette is quite peculiar to what one is used to. Did you know going to guests’ house on an empty stomach is a sign of disrespect in Arab culture? Well, we did not. Nor did the author of the story who wasn’t forewarned about any of this and then blamed for her lack of common knowledge.

As in most thorny and complicated ‘Am I The A-Hole’ cases worthy of Dr. Phil‘s expertise, the woman turned to the trusted subreddit to see if her accidental misappreciation of her partner’s culture was really what set the things off. So buckle up, readers, and scroll down to read the story in full.

After their first Christmas dinner together, girlfriend is suddenly blamed by her partner for not having any table manners

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Here’s how the whole story goes

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Image credits: TheOA12345

The general consensus was pretty (and rightfully) one-sided

Some users even called on boyfriend’s bluff

Believe it or not, once again the good ol’ Reddit helped to save the day. A week later after her original post, the author, receiving almost 4 thousand suggestions and opinions, decided to give some of them a go and wrote a follow-up story.

After a few quick messages, she finally caught up with his lies — the tables have been turned. Turns out, the whole fiasco was the fault of getting lost in translation (he did not want to call her “fat”, only “greedy” if that’s any better) and her partner’s touching cover-up mission. His dear folks, it appears, have some financial issues and he only wanted not to share the burden of his family’s difficult situation. Especially before their first Christmas dinner together.

Intention – great. Execution? Not so much.

After a weeklong radio silence, author posted an update of her story

After getting the evidence she needed, it was time to see what her boyfriend has to say about it

Image credits: TheOA12345

The hatched was buried and apologies made, but many users simply don’t buy it

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