Brand Creativity: Getting The Most Out Of Your Business Cards

got print business cards got print business cardsBusiness cards have massive potential to keep your audience engaged. When used properly, they act as avenues that drive people to your social media presence, personalize your company and dramatically extend your brand’s footprint.

Of course, creating a great design is critical, but so is putting in the effort afterwards. Fortunately, we’ve come up with a few tried and tested methods for getting more from your legwork.

1. Make Sharing Your Cards Worthwhile
Giving people incentives for distributing your cards is a must. For instance, if your cards include exclusive discounts on services and products, patrons are much more likely to share them of their own accord. While this may require printing a few card designs, the business you’ll bring back with referral programs and similar offerings is well worth it.

2. Don’t Hide Your Company’s Value
The back of a business card is also a great place to remind people why they ought to make full use of your services. A simple tag line or brief collection of key selling points is way more interesting to most audiences than a drab list of your specializations.

3. Shape Is Important, So Mix It Up
The world is littered with business cards that lack visual impact. Make yours retain relevancy by standing out from the crowd. Aesthetic flairs like squared or circular outlines, different paper stock or contoured die cut profiles might be just what you need to make a unique, lasting impression.

4. Keep Tabs on Your Progress
The only way to improve the outcomes associated with handing out cards is to measure their impact. Quantify your outreach ROI using techniques like:

  • Track QR codes. Different codes printed on cards can refer people to shortened links that redirect them to your site and report back to Google Analytics and similar tools along the way.
  • Use varied promo codes for different campaign drives.
  • Include unique phone numbers for select cards to track calls.

5. Package Your Cards to Foster Repeat Business
Your customers love tearing into fresh packages they receive in the mail, but they’re unlikely to save the labels, invoices and receipts that go with them. Make your business easier to remember by throwing a few of your cards in every shipment.

6. Never Forget Your Brand’s Image
Your card represents your brand, so make a strong impression from the start. Identify the key visual elements of your web presence, logotype and other branding, and be certain to replicate them in some form. Repetition fosters remembrance, so establish something recognizable, and keep building on the theme.

7. Show It Off
Finally, remember to showcase your card as much as possible. If your card boasts a truly-inspired design that sets a lofty new bar in branding, ask a design blogger to write about it and feature it on their site. Take to social media to garner opinions about your latest campaign package, or just share tasty images of your freshly printed cards on crisp stock. In addition to revealing public sentiment, these are great ways to further your brand’s reach.

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