Braun's Retro-Modern BC21 with Wireless Charging

Remember our series on Braun’s classic clock designs? Two of the standout digital examples were Dietrich Lubs’ functional from 1975, and the DN 40 by Lubs and Dieter Rams in 1976.


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Modern-day Braun is attempting to recapture that minimalist magic while providing contemporary utility. Their BC21 recalls both the functional and the DN 40, while providing an integrated wireless charging pad:

I like that the phone is meant to go behind the clock, i.e. out of sight, and hopefully mind. I’m also digging that they’ve chosen to show the set alarm time on the right. Maybe not so helpful if you get up at the same time every day, but definitely a boon for those of us with constantly changing schedules.

The BC21 runs $110.

Source: core77

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