BRCJ Designs Creates Unique Home Decor That Stands Out

BRCJ Designs Creates Unique Home Decor That Stands Out

BRCJ Designs uses unique thought and design to create works that straddle the line of following the rules and breaking them. Based in Los Angeles, the design firm uses the term broadly, dipping into architecture, interiors, home decor and more. Founded by Benjamin R. C. Jones, BRCJ Designs combines a contemporary approach with traditional practices.

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We believe that unanticipated wonders can be unearthed in attempting to create the impossible and unprecedented within limitations and rule sets — to be both and neither, rather than one and the other.

– Benjamin R. C. Jones, Founder

Whereas Jones has spent years working on large-scale projects, these days he’s more focused on a smaller scale – single family homes, custom furniture and design commissions. Relying on previous lessons and observations, BRJC Designs is at their best when exploring, innovating and forging new paths forward. The three pieces seen below fully capture this thought process and approach to design.

organic concrete shape

The food-safe Topography Plate is smart, simple as that. With charcuterie boards at their peak, this piece is ideal for creating a culinary masterpiece using its concrete pools and grooves. Use it for entertaining or while watching television.

organic concrete platter with food

concrete and resin coaster

Jones experienced a newfound appreciation for the reuse of materials after being in Rome where repurposed stone is everywhere. Square- and circle-shaped Spolia Coasters – Latin for “spoils” – came about by chance when he dropped a piece while unmolding it. Rather than throwing it in the trash, he cast the pieces in resin, making them whole once more.

concrete and resin coasters detail

concrete and resin coaster with glass

maze-like concrete object

The Ennis Tile Bookend found its inspiration in the Mayan Revival textile blocks used for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House in Los Angeles. This evolved take relies on subtraction of mass as much as the original, maybe more. It’s available in concrete, steel and resin, and like all of BRCJ Designs’ products, is hand-made in-house.

maze-like concrete object

artist process photo

artist process photo

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