Brelyon's Bizarre, Immersive Curved Monitor You Sit in the Middle of

A startup called Brelyon has developed an unusual monitor meant to deliver the immersive experience of wearing VR goggles—just without the goggles. Their Ultra Reality Display is a 30″-wide hooded object that sits on your desk, and looking into it tricks your eyes into seeing “a virtual ten-foot screen on your desk,” with wraparound vision that either offers a 110-degree or 155-degree field of view (the company’s marketing materials differ on the matter).

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“And with a depth profile that emulates the curvature of the human eye,” the company claims, “it offers unparalleled eye comfort compared to flat monitors.”

The company says the display is ideal for gaming, training simulators and the teleoperation of vehicles, and opines that it can replace the multi-monitor set-ups often used by financial traders, video editors and metaverse denizens.

The display’s publicity video is paltry, but gives you a glimpse at what it might be like to use:

Source: core77

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