Bride And Her Mother Demand To Be Left Alone While Shopping For A Wedding Dress, Employee Maliciously Complies

Here comes the bride, here comes the bride Quick, lock the doors! She’s a Karen!

Planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful. There are so many details to work out, and there is usually a great amount of pressure riding on the occasion to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible and can be remembered as one of the best days of the bride and groom’s lives. But getting engaged does not give the happy couple a free pass to be rude and entitled. And planning the special day is probably much more enjoyable when the bride and groom treat everyone around them with respect and a positive attitude.

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One bridal consultant recently shared a story on the Malicious Compliance subreddit detailing an experience she had with a rude customer and her mother. Below, you can find the full story that might remind you to always use your best manners, as well as some of the responses from readers, and let us know in the comments how you feel about this bride’s behavior.

If you’ve ever worked as a bridal consultant, we would love to hear any interesting stories you have from the job, and then if you’re interested in checking out another Bored Panda article featuring an entitled bride-to-be, look no further than right here!

This bridal consultant hopped online to detail how she maliciously complied to a rude customer’s demands

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Now, I’m not a fan of the term “bridezilla” or anyone who tries to make women out as villains when they’re simply trying to plan the wedding of their dreams. It’s understandable that anyone in charge of a big event might be a bit stressed, and might not be acting on their best behavior 100% of the time. However, once a person is rude to an innocent customer service employee who is only trying her best to help them out, that crosses the line. Planning a wedding is something most of us only do once in our lives, so we tend to be way out of our element in doing so.

No matter how much research a bride has done about the various styles of wedding dresses and what looks best on her body type with her complexion, she is likely not an expert. That’s why the bridal consultant is there in the first place! To have a professional who is an expert on wedding dresses work with brides to find the perfect gown that fits in their budget, their timeline, is appropriate for the type of wedding they are having and who will assist them with the literal act of getting wedding dresses on and off (as that can be extremely challenging with the long trains, rows of buttons and massive zippers).

She later responded to some of the readers, clarifying details and echoing their sentiments

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According to Best for Bride, there are several things bridal consultants wish their customers knew before coming to their appointments. One of the things they mention is that brides should come in open to new ideas and trust their bridal consultant. “Remember that what you see in pictures may not translate well, when you wear it. On the other hand, there are also dresses that may not have hanger appeal—they do not look good on the hanger or mannequin—but can transform you into a ravishing bride when you put it on,” Best for Bride explains. 

“Your bridal consultant is the best judge on this. They know a dress for how it looks on the hanger and how it will look on you. Since they’ve worked with hundreds of brides before, they will also know what you may choose to overlook, but will end up loving when you try it on.”

Best for Bride also notes that women should come to their appointments with a relaxed mind and ready to have fun. Resist the temptation to panic if you don’t instantly fall in love with any of the gowns; shopping for your wedding dress should be a cherished memory that you remember fondly, rather than a memory you wince at because you’re embarrassed by how you acted. 

“We want this to be a fun experience, and the only way a bride can enjoy the process is if she relaxes,” Best for Bride explains. “For this, she should come in with a clear mind and not be worried about anything else during her session. So, our suggestion is that you make your appointment with the bridal salon well ahead of time, and on a day when you are free and have no other tensions. This way you will be able to communicate your vision better and we will be able to help you find your dress easily.”

We would love to hear your thoughts on this situation in the comments down below. How would you have responded to this rude bride? And if you’ve ever worked as a bridal consultant, feel free to share any fascinating stories you have from the job too. Then, if you want to read another Bored Panda article centered around a bride who’s made questionable decisions, check out this story next

Many people joined in on the conversation, applauding the bridal consultant and shaming the bride for her behavior

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