Bride Doesn’t Know Her Grandma Was Buried In Her Dress By Accident And That The Groom Is Scrambling To Reorder A New One

There is always something that doesn’t go right when planning a wedding. Maybe the venue is not open when the photographer is available, or a very important guest had a surgery planned on the date, maybe you can’t find the perfect delicious cake, or you order shoes online and they send you the wrong color.

But could you imagine that you already chose a dress, but it goes missing? And you can’t find it, because it is buried 6 feet underground? This actually happened to a bride and the story is quite dramatic. The owner of the occasion dress shop who provided the dress was in the middle of these events and told every detail of what happened on TikTok, where the first part got 5.5 million people invested.

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Woman who has sold wedding dresses for over 20 years thought she had seen everything but wasn’t prepared for what was coming

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The TikToker is Kasia, who has a boutique in Chicago selling wedding, prom, homecoming, bridesmaid, and mother of the bride dresses. She has been in the business since 2001 and the businesswoman thought that she had seen it all, but was once again surprised.

It all started with a very confusing phone call. It was the groom, who was nearly in tears, asking if the boutique owner could find his bride’s wedding dress order and remake it. The situation seemed quite suspicious as the groom didn’t know anything about the dress, but wanted to reorder it very badly. A thought of being scammed crossed Kasia’s mind, but the groom gave the bride’s name and she actually found the order.

Kasia then wondered if maybe the dress needed alterations and the groom was just confused, but she didn’t even get to say what she wanted when the groom cut her off and reassured her that he needed a new one because he didn’t have a dress to alter.

She got a call from a groom who asked if he could reorder his future wife’s wedding dress. Not alter it, reorder it

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The boutique owner was confused but agreed to call the manufacturer and see what she could do as the wedding was in 5 months

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The owner of the boutique called the manufacturer to ask if they could make a new dress in time for the wedding, which was set to be 5 months from the conversation on the phone. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough time, because the dress was customized, and that made the groom break down crying so much that the bride’s brother had to pick up the phone and try to save this situation somehow.

At this point, Kasia was very concerned and was wondering what was happening, so she asked the brother if everything was good with the bride and what happened to the dress. There were probably a lot of thoughts in the woman’s head of what could have gone wrong, but she was not prepared for the truth.

The brother started the explanation, giving some context about how the dress was stored. The bride gave it to their mom, who then put it in her closet that nobody else used so the dress would be safe.

But when their grandmother died, he and the groom had to go to the closet to find the grandmother’s dress, as she wanted to be buried in it because her husband was buried in his wedding tuxedo.

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You can probably feel where this is going. The groom and his future brother-in-law came into the closet, saw a dress hanging and assumed it was the one they needed. They didn’t know that the grandmother’s actual dress was on the ground lying in a box and gave it to the funeral home.

Nobody noticed that the grandma was dressed up in a new wedding dress, because the casket was closed as the woman died while seriously ill and the family didn’t want the guests to be put off by the view.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t get the exact same dress remade in time having in mind that it wasn’t altered yet

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The groom started crying and the bride’s brother picked up the phone to explain what happened

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Wild story, right? What is even crazier, the bride didn’t know and the groom was trying to replace the dress without causing the bride stress. The bride’s mom realized the dress was missing two weeks after the funeral and the boutique owner was pulling strings to somehow get that dress replaced.

Because of time constraints and because this was happening at the end of the pandemic, the manufacturer couldn’t make the same dress in time, so Kasia was thinking of ways she could use a sample dress and make it look similar, but what stressed her out was that the dress wasn’t altered yet and the time was coming for the bride to make an appointment to do that, which meant she would notice the dress wasn’t there, because there was no way they could make a similar one in such a short period of time.

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Turns out, his and the bride’s grandmother died and she wanted to buried in her wedding dress, but they accidentally took the future bride’s dress

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Thankfully, the family was very understanding and realized that the bride would notice the dress wasn’t the same anyway, so they decided to inform her about what happened and just surrender to her mercy.

Kasia was relieved because you can imagine that it was stressful withholding such information from her client, even though they were all doing this to make the bride happy. She was even more relieved when not even 24 hours passed after she talked with the family and the bride called her.

Image credits: kasias_bridal

Image credits: kasias_bridal

To Kasia’s relief, the family eventually decided to tell the bride what happened and she was very easygoing and actually needed a new dress

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Turns out, the bride wanted the dress altered to be a few sizes bigger because she was actually pregnant. Kasia was happy for the bride, but because the dress was mermaid style, it couldn’t be altered that much. The bride wasn’t upset at all and was happy to choose another one.

She wasn’t mad about her grandma being buried in her wedding dress, either. Kasia said that the bride reacted really calmly and believed that this was how it was supposed to be, telling the TikToker another story.

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She told Kasia that she was pregnant and that her grandma didn’t want her to wear that style of dress anyway, so everything worked out magically

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From the very start, the grandma told the bride that she shouldn’t get a mermaid-style dress and opt for something that was more flowy instead. It wasn’t because she thought the more form-fitting dress looked bad, on the contrary, she praised the bride’s figure, but had a preference for an A-line or a ball gown silhouette.

It seems that grandma planned everything and knew the bride wouldn’t have been able to wear the dress anyway, so she took it to the grave. Everything worked out, the bride was happy to get a new dress and laughed off her brother’s and future husband’s failure, Kasia was happy to help and was glad her client was the opposite of a bridezilla.

Image credits: kasias_bridal

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You can watch the first part of the story below

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People online were really invested in the story and they couldn’t wait to hear how it all ended. Fortunately, the story had a happy ending, but commenters still couldn’t understand how one could make such a mistake.

It probably was a stressful period in the family’s life and nobody was thinking straight. Also, people working in the funeral business don’t want to question grieving families and the men gave them that dress themselves, so it would have been weird. But what is most important is that they can now look at the situation with a smile. What was your impression of the story? Do you think all of this happened for a reason? Let us know in the comments!

People in the comments were quite confused at how this could have happened but were very amused at how everything folded out

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