Bridezilla Ends Up Looking Like A Pauper After The Dress That She Stole Gets Destroyed

Boundaries aren’t just important for a happy life—they’re absolutely essential. Especially when there’s someone in your life who insists on forcing you into becoming besties despite you wanting nothing to do with them. But karma has a way of rewarding and punishing us for our actions. And those consequences… well, nobody’s going to be able to escape those, even if they’re gearing up for their wedding day.

In a viral post on Reddit, user Forestcabin123k explained in incredible detail what happened between her, her manipulative ‘friend’ Pat whom she described as the “epitome of a permissive mother,” and how this bridezilla ended up looking like a pauper at her own wedding after stealing a wedding dress from an underprivileged woman. We don’t like to use the word ‘evil’ too much, but Pat might just be proof that it exists as a fundamental force in the universe, and she was channeling it.

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The story’s a pretty long one, so we had to cut some bits out, but it’s well worth the read in full, dear Pandas, because it paints a very intricate picture of what kind of person Pat really is. Hint: she’s not somebody you’d want to invite over for afternoon tea. Ever. Grab yourself a cup of coffee, some popcorn, or both—we’re going to start off the workweek with a wild ride. (Go on, you know you need a break anyway; and there’s a TL;DR below.)

In a world of constant drama, one woman took the cake when she stole a wedding dress from someone else and had her own big day ruined, as karma exacted revenge

Image credits: Schanin (not the actual photo)

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For those of you in a rush, here’s the crux of the story. The redditor’s acquaintance, Pat (aka the bridezilla), is a truly awful human being for plenty of reasons and she finally ended up falling victim to her own greed. Pat wanted to renew her vows and ended up stealing a dress from an underprivileged woman, only to have the community exact its revenge on her, ruining her wedding day. And it feels like Justice with a capital ‘J.’

Here’s the kind of dress that the bridezilla wanted to wear as she renewed her wedding vows

Image credits: amyprom

Meanwhile, redditor Forestcabin123k detailed how Pat, a mother of five children, wormed her way into her and her husband’s lives, showing just how entitled she was and just how little she cared about other people’s boundaries.

It also looks like the bridezilla isn’t great at taking hints, both subtle and more overt, that she should back off a bit. Or rather, she’s so used to steamrolling over everyone else that she doesn’t see the need to be a decent human being.

Manipulating others isn’t the only thing this bridezilla is good at. Thievery is something else she’s incredibly proficient at. She stole expensive Christmas gifts for underprivileged children to give to her own kids, constantly harassed her local community, defended her daughter who stole an important heirloom from the redditor’s daughter, and did plenty of other things that each alone would warrant a long post on social media.

And here’s the kind of dress that she finally had to wear down the aisle at the last minute. Just imagine it way, way oversized

Image credits: etsy

But the pinnacle of bridezilla-tude came when Pat decided to renew her vows with her husband, Hank, a guy whom everybody liked but who was a complete ‘doormat.’

Pat was involved in a wedding and prom dress initiative that gives women easy and cheap access to clothes on their big days. Pat had her eye on a particular dress. And the fact that it was reserved for somebody else didn’t stop her from sending the woman the wrong order and claiming the real dress for herself.

However, the redditor and her friend, who headed the dress initiative, sabotaged Pat’s dress at the last minute. Panicking, the bridezilla asked them for any available dress and got the ugliest, most over-sized dress that the vigilante duo could find. After being utterly embarrassed, Pat was never the same again and her manipulations slowly fizzled out.

Here’s how some online peeps have reacted to the drama rollercoaster of a story

What did you think of the story, dear Pandas? How would you have handled the situation? Do you think the redditor was right to shut down the bridezilla like that or do you think the entire community should have put up with her actions? Share your thoughts below.

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