Bridezilla Tells Her Friend She Can’t Come To Her Wedding Because She Might Steal Her Thunder After Her Stillbirth

Prepare to give up what’s left of your faith in humanity. Losing a child is a devastating event. And in that difficult time, the love and support of your closest family and friends are paramount as you grieve. It’s also a time when you realize who your friends are and who are heartless, selfish folks without any empathy.

One bride-to-be (described as a “human trash bag” and a “bridezilla” by some on the internet) proved that she has no morals when she asked her bridesmaid, who recently had a stillbirth, to not come to her wedding. The woman was afraid that her friend would steal her thunder with her sadness. Things escalated from there. Sounds fake? We wish. Unfortunately, it’s all real.

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A note of warning, dear Pandas: the topic below is extremely sensitive and may not be for everyone. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we recommend you read something lighter and more wholesome, instead.

An exchange between a bride-to-be and her grieving friend went viral for all the wrong reasons

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The bride later on battled it out with her other friends on Facebook

The wedding got canceled and the groom-to-be dumped his heartless fiance. It’s heavily implied on the internet that the bride’s messages to her grieving friend played a major part in the breakup.

The woman also went all-out and tried to defend herself to her friends on Facebook, showing that her emotional range of empathy is less than that of a teaspoon. It’s devastating to read.

The groom left his fiance after he heard about what happened how she treated her friend who lost her baby

WebMD explains that many women tend to blame themselves for miscarriage, however, most of them are outside of their control. “Try not to add to your grief by blaming yourself. You may need time to heal emotionally after you lose a baby to miscarriage. It is very normal to grieve, not just for your baby, but also for all of the dreams you had for you and your child.”

Grief can take very different forms for different mothers. While some might feel lonely and guilty, others can feel angry. Mothers who lost their babies may also have a very difficult time being around families with children. What’s more, women can suddenly feel another wave of grief when they get pregnant again.

According to WebMD, grief can be worse if a woman miscarries later on in her pregnancy because she has had more time to get attached to her baby. In this difficult time, you and your partner must support each other. They may be grieving as well even if it’s difficult to recognize. Their grief may also be different from yours.

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Consider seeking a counselor’s help or finding a support group alongside opening up to your closest friends and family members. You have to find a way to grieve and recover that is right for you specifically.

This is how the internet has been reacting to the horrible way the woman treated her friend who needed support

What do you think about the entire situation, dear Pandas? Was it as difficult for you to read the story as it was for us? Do you think there’s any hope for people who absolutely don’t care about anyone but themselves? Share your thoughts and feelings below.

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