BRID’s Modular Nanotech Air Filters Last Forever

BRID’s Modular Nanotech Air Filters Last Forever

Air filtration devices are increasingly becoming a necessity in urban areas where pollutants and allergens can affect the daily comfort and health of occupants. Air purifiers can cost a pretty penny even before factoring in the annual expense of changing out air filters at 3, 6, or 12 month intervals. The designers of the BRID have engineered a modular ozone-free photocatalytic air purifier that does away with the need for replacement filters altogether.

Designed like a layer cake, the BRID is comprised of stacked modular elements operating in combination to scrub interior air clean of pollutants: air first filters from the bottom through a NWF (non-woven fabric) filter, pulled in by a fan element to be be thoroughly filtered through a porous ceramic filter with a honeycomb-shaped surface. The nano-structured surface captures and breaks apart the chemical bonds of bacteria, allergens, carbon monoxide, pollutants, and organic odors with the aid of an array of 84 white LED lights, jettisoning smaller and harmless elements upward and out, all without the negative effects normally associated with traditional UV light photocatalytic air purification systems.

The BRID’s Nano Ceramic Honeycomb Filter is treated with Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), an anti-bacterial agent bonded permanently across the surface. This means filters can be simply washed under tap water when required, eliminating the costs of additional replacement filters across the span of its use. Additionally, the BRID is designed to permit extra modules to be added in between when additional filtration is required for larger or more polluted spaces.

The BRID is available in 3 sizes and 3 colors – Pure Metal, Clear White and Deep Blue – to better blend into home decor.

A wi-fi module at the base delivers all the expected connected-home data for air quality monitoring from a mobile device.

The BRID is available starting at $289 for the smallest model, scaling upward to $579 for a 3-filter module equipped option.

Source: design-milk

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