Brilliant Design: An Adjustable Wrench Where You Don't Have to Jiggle the Dial With Each Turn

Adjustable wrenches are well-used here on the farm, we’ve got several scattered around the property. They’re versatile, but all have the same annoying property: In between each turn of the nut or bolt, you must disengage the jaws to pull the wrench free, reposition it, then retighten the jaws. Get too fast-and-loose with this and you’ll round the bolt over.

This constant futzing with the wrench dial is cumbersome, particularly with gloves on. So Japanese hand tool manufacturer Fujiya, which has been around for nearly a century, has redesigned the adjustable wrench to remove that specific hassle. To do that they’ve gotten rid of the dial altogether, and added a clutch mechanism.

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You adjust the wrench by pushing a button, and a spring-like action eases off of the bolt between each turn, as you relax your grip on the handles. Here’s how that works (you don’t have to be able to read Japanese to understand what’s going on):

The wrench is part of Fujiya’s high-end Kurokin (“Black Gold”) line. In the ‘States, the Rapid Clutch Plier/Wrench Combo and other Fujiya tools are distributed by Micro-Mark.

Source: core77

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