Brilliant suitcases with contorted figures molded on the surface

Artist Wei Li is making luggage specialized for those of us who need to carry around… bodies. This brilliant series of suitcases uses the forms of real figures to shape the outside. The designs are funny, featuring figures curled up, as if stuffed inside the case, while others feature singular body parts like a contorted back.

Li produces the series titled ‘Encased’ by hand using real people as the forms. She scans models using the free iOS app 123D Catch and manipulates the files in 3D editing software before CNC cutting the forms.

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“The digital fabrication technology [3D scanning and CNC machining] basically made this project possible,” Li explains. “As an artist I’m especially interested in inventing new processes, and combining new digital fabrication methods with traditional craft is definitely one area that I’d like to explore more. I think one common mental trap when people talk about technology/digital fabrication is that they assume that things created with digital technology have specific, artificial aesthetics. I personally think there’s a rich area where new digital technology and traditional craft collide to create things that couldn’t be imagined before.”

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