Britain's Most Comprehensive Fireworks Collection -in One Guy's House

Maurice Evans has been collecting fireworks for most of his life, and he’s in his 80s now. The gentle author at Spitalfields Life takes us to his home in Shoreham to see the collection and hear his story, with just a bit of trepidation.

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My concern about potential explosion was relieved when Maurice confirmed that he has removed the gunpowder from his fireworks, only to be reawakened when his wife Kit helpfully revealed that Catherine Wheels and Bangers were excepted because you cannot extract the gunpowder without ruining them.

This statement prompted Maurice to remember with visible pleasure that he still had a collection of World War II shells in the cellar and, of course, the reinforced steel shed in the garden full of live fireworks. “Let’s just say, if there’s a big bang in the neighbourhood, the police always come here first to see if it’s me,” admitted Maurice with a playful smirk.

But it seemed safe enough, as Maurice still has nine of his ten fingers. The story of his pyromaniacal past and how he developed a fondness for fireworks is more interesting than the collection itself. Read about Maurice Evans and his fantastic fireworks collection at Spitalfields Life. -via Nag on the Lake

Source: neatorama

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