Britney Spears Attended To By Paramedics After Fight With Boyfriend At Chateau Marmont

Trigger warning: mental health crisis

Britney Spears‘ alleged concerning behavior at the Chateau Marmont prompted mental health crisis worries. The 42-year-old pop star was reportedly photographed at the famous Hollywood hotel in the early hours of Thursday morning (April 2) barefoot, in her underwear, wrapped in a blanket, and clutching a pillow while getting escorted out to emergency services.

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In photographs, abrasions were visible on Britney’s knees as the singer walked surrounded by her security and her rumored boyfriend, Paul Richard Soliz. 

The Toxic hitmaker and Paul got into a huge fight, as a woman matching Britney’s description was “harassing and threatening hotel employees and guests,” the Daily Mail reported on Friday (May 3).

“We’re told Britney and Paul retreated to a hotel room around 11 PM where they continued partying and drinking,” TMZ reported on Thursday (May 2). “While they were in the room they ended up getting into a huge altercation that we’re told turned physical, according to sources, and Britney may have hurt her leg.”

Britney Spears’ concerning behavior at Chateau Marmont raised mental health worries

Image credits: britneyspears

Image credits: britneyspears

Moreover, a man was reportedly seen outside the iconic premises wheeling a stretcher with the Princess of Pop’s belongings on it, and a fire truck was also seen at the location.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Britney wrote: “Most of the pics are body doubles and I think most know that !!! 

“I would like respect at this time for people to understand I am getting stronger everyday !!! 

“Truth sucks so can someone teach me how to lie???”

Britney said on social media that the news was fake and alleged that the photographs of her were of a “body double”

Image credits: britneyspears

Emergency services were called to Chateau Marmont at 12.42 am yesterday (May 2)

Image credits: BACKGRID

Image credits: Splash News

“Goddesses out there, I’m reaching my higher power and furthermore, I hope you guys are too!!!

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“I need a new toothbrush right now!!! PS … I need an espresso. !!! 

“PSS … Not sure why I feel the need to share this … I guess I’m just a girl and I’m on my period so I’m bitchy … s**t !!!”

Nevertheless, the Grammy award winner went on to post another message on Instagram shortly after, stating that the “news [was] fake.”

There was reportedly an altercation with Britney’s rumored boyfriend, Paul Richard Soliz

Image credits: BACKGRID

The mom-of-two emphasized again that her strength was improving while asking for help to get better at lying.

This time, Britney clarified: “I also twisted my ankle last night and paramedics showed up at my door illegally.

“They never came in my room but I felt completely harassed.”

The singer concluded her post by announcing that she will be moving to Boston.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari recently reached a divorce settlement

Image credits: samasghari

In a follow-up Instagram post, Britney shared two videos of her inflated foot, where she explained that paramedics had caused a “huge scene” before reassuring her fans that “sh*t happens.”

In the post, alongside the two videos, the singer also included a picture of her lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, who posed next to a wolf.

In the carousel of different footage, Britney alleged that her mother had set the whole incident up, writing: “I know my mom was involved !!! 

“I haven’t talked to her in six months and she called right after it happened before the news being out !!!”

Image credits: britneyspears

“I was set up just like she did way back when !!! 

“I wish I had grandparents !!! I can’t stand her !!! 

“I honestly don’t care I will say it !!! 

“Psss this man is wonderful !!!” 

Britney alleged on social media that her mother had set the incident up

Image credits: britneyspears


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A post shared by XILA MARIA RIVER RED (@britneyspears)

“He’s like a father to me and he got me through last night !!! 

“I adore you and admire you mister Mathew !!!”

The Los Angeles Fire Department spokesperson Brian Humphrey told the Daily Mail: “Emergency services received a call at 12.42 am with reports of an adult female injured.

“At 1 am an ambulance arrived on the premises.”

The singer praised her lawyer, Mathew Rosengart

Image credits: britneyspears

“I can confirm no one was transported. 

“Services left the scene at 1.17 am. 

“The police department were not called.”

Bored Panda has contacted Mathew, Chateau Marmont, and Britney’s respective representatives for comment.

“I feel so bad for her,” a reader commented

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