Britney Spears Goes On The Offensive By Filing Papers To Remove Her Dad As Conservator

Not too long ago, Bored Panda covered some Britney Spears news, specifically, regarding her conservatorship and how a number of celebrities spoke out in support of her.

Despite the whole thing going on for 13 years now, things have started gaining serious traction over the past several months, with the necessary paperwork finally being filed to remove James Spears, Britney’s dad who has until now been a co-conservator, from these duties.

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If you’ve been following Britney news lately, you’ll know how much she started fighting her 13-year-long conservatorship

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So, this past Monday, July 26th, Spears’ new attorney, Mathew Rosengart, who previously worked as a federal prosecutor, filed paperwork to officially remove Britney’s dad James Spears from the conservatorship.

If you don’t know, a conservatorship is a legal arrangement that, in this case, has put Britney’s dad and a team of lawyers in strict control of her life. Long story short, it effectively stripped her of many personal choices in life, leading to some demoralizing and embarrassing years.

For more context, you can read this Bored Panda article. Oh, and you can also listen to the court hearing here.

Well, Spear’s attorney is now on the offensive and has filed to have James Spears removed as co-conservator

While Britney has been in conservatorship for 13 years now, with appeals and protests along the way that had little to no effect in the whole matter, Britney’s current attorney wasted no time.

Note that this does not abolish the conservatorship altogether—just moves to replace her father with accountant Jason Rubin, who is considered a highly qualified professional for the task. This also means that the overseeing judge also has to approve this, so we’re not in the clear just yet.

Britney’s medical team also believes that James’ removal as co-conservator would also be a huge positive step towards improving her emotional well-being, which has suffered greatly over the years.

Among many things, this move aims to help restore Britney’s emotional well-being, protect her wealth from being squandered and help her return to a normal life

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Besides this, there have been reports that Britney’s father James has been draining her fortune whilst serving as conservator, so this move would also possibly put an end to that.

All of this also means a victory for the #FreeBritney movement, which has not only been active on social media, but also actually rallied in public places, like that one time fans gathered at the LA Courthouse where Britney was initially heard.

Attorney Rosengart also thanked all of Britney’s fans and the #FreeBritney movement that has been active both online and elsewhere

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Attorney Mathew Rosengart pledged to be aggressive in progressing the case, and already delivered on his promise by filing the necessary paperwork in less than two weeks’ time. He also thanked everyone supporting the pop star, whether on social media or otherwise.

The story doesn’t end there, so stay tuned for more news on the matter. Before you dash off to other articles, let us know your thoughts on the matter, or simply express your support for Britney during this difficult time in the comment section below!

Here are some of the reactions the internet had to this bit of news

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