Britons Have 546 Words for Drunkeness

What’s a good word for being drunk? According to an article in The Guardian, this type of word is a drunkonym. A healthy, robust language has many of them to refer to particular types, styles, and means of being intoxicated with alcohol.

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Just as the Sámi of northern Scandinavia have many words for snow and we Texans have many words for tortillas, the people of Albion can experience a vast variety of intoxicated states. British English has at least 546 of these words.

Depending upon when, what, and how a Brition drinks, he may become gazeboed, rubbered, mullered, zombied, bladdered, or stewed. Consider trying all of these states, but not on the same day.

-via Dave Barry | Photo: mail.andrewpinter

Source: neatorama

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