Britons Welcome Incoming PM Liz Truss to the Job With Scorching Memes 

Numerous memes liken Truss to the UK’s first female PM, Margaret Thatcher. (screenshot Valentina Di Liscia/Hyperallergic via @carlosgomezgil)

At this point, it’s worth acknowledging that there is no human experience — however big or inconsequential — that cannot be processed by the collective art of meme-making. Amateur politics wonks took to the airwaves yesterday, marking the appointment of Tory leader Liz Truss as the United Kingdom’s newest Prime Minister with an avalanche of memes.

The general sentiment seems to be one of out-of-the-Boris-Johnson-frying-pan and straight into the fire, with people highlighting the conservatism and retrograde values of Toryism, including Truss’s lack of sensitivity on LBGTQ+ rights.

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Overall, the best anyone can say about Truss is that she is not other people.

There have also been numerous contrast-and-compare pieces likening Truss to the UK’s first female PM, Margaret Thatcher. While some of this can be attributed to the general inability of people to accept more than one version of a woman in power, it does seem that Truss is striking some remarkably similar fashion choices to Thatcher, as well as aping her conservative politics — generally decried as being deeply neoliberal, anti-immigrant, and overall civically irresponsible.

It seems that Truss has abandoned her left-wing upbringing, which at one time included being anti-monarch and protesting Thatcher’s policies, to join the dark side of the force. But really, who needs affordable housing or utilities or a functioning social safety net when we have memes, friends? Memes are there for us.


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