“broken but beautiful”

At her request, I’ve handed the host microphone over to my dear friend, New York based artist Petah Coyne. As you might know, I’ve been working away, alone in my studio, for just over a year on a totally new body of work. Well, I wasn’t totally alone in there… Petah and I would meet via Zoom so we could talk through all of the ups, downs, and sideways. Well, after all this time, my first solo show in a public gallery opens TONIGHT! We recorded this episode about a week ago, the day before I installed everything because Petah wanted to document the “before”, and we’ll do an “after” episode next! Listen right up there under me dipping yet another flower in white paint, or download ART FOR YOUR EAR wherever you get your podcasts.

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First up, the very first “3D collage” (which I do like, it just wasn’t do the job I wanted it to do) that I showed to Petah over Zoom, followed by a bunch of work in progress bits ‘n pieces:

Cigarettes, gum, and matching the gallery wall paint to one of my ashtrays, and a lovely little blush butt.

And here’s that wall, plus “Self-Preservation” starting to be put into place:

Eep! It is so exciting that all of this work is out of my head, out of my studio, and in a lovely, sunlit space! More to come in two weeks with the full reveal, OR keep an eye on my Instagram feed where I’ll be posting at the show TONIGHT. Thank you so much to my amazing friend Petah for suggesting this interview, and for – well – EVERYTHING. And of course, thanks to you for listening… the “after” episode will be up in two weeks. ps. “Self-Preservation” runs until May 15th.

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