Brother Expects His Family To Be Naked During Naturist Wedding Ceremony

Themed weddings can be beautiful and memorable, especially when done uniquely. However, because the definition of “unique” varies, some couples can take things to the extreme. This is what happened in today’s story

According to Reddit user Throwaway_wedding_65, her brother and his fiancée are planning their nuptials at a naturist resort. However, the ceremony requires everyone to be naked, leaving her to consider not attending. 

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The issue has since caused some strain between the groom and the original poster, and she is looking for answers online.

Themed weddings are often magical and unforgettable

Image credits: Mental Health America (MHA) (not the actual photo)

The couple in today’s story wanted theirs at a naturist resort 

Image credits: Anna Shvets (not the actual photo)

The groom’s sister, who posted the story, is seeking answers online

Image source: Throwaway_wedding_65

A themed wedding has a fifty-fifty chance of success 

The downsides of a themed wedding are as hefty as the upsides. While it does allow the couple to be creative and let their personalities come out, there’s also a considerable chance that it may not go their way. 

As wedding supplier Julianne Smith told Brooklyn Bride, one common hurdle of themed weddings is that couples tend to sacrifice the guest experience. According to her, many themes “take away from the accessibility and enjoyability of the event.”

The original poster’s apprehensions were valid. However, this doesn’t mean that themed weddings should be avoided at all costs. 

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The common issues with themed weddings can be prevented

Themed weddings can be a huge success if done right. Los Angeles-based event planner and lifestyle guru Sharon Sacks suggests not letting the theme represent the entire ceremony. 

“Instead, let your theme shine through in the details,” Sacks wrote in an article for Huffington Post. “Focus on little things rather than tailoring every aspect of your wedding around the theme. 

“This will allow you to highlight your theme without turning your special day into a Halloween party. Too much focus on your theme can turn this elegant affair into a tacky evening that your guest would rather forget.” 

The couple could have focused on being one with nature in their chosen venue instead of requiring attendees to be naked. This approach would have spared them from the tension within the family and from making the guests feel uncomfortable.

The comments section didn’t have a shortage of responses for the original poster, most of which were a show of support

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