Browsing The Dark Web

It turns out that exploring the mythical-sounding “dark web” is easier to access than what is expected. All you need is the right software and a corresponding walkthrough on how to do so if you’re feeling edgy or adventurous. However, before you attempt to read to the end of this article to check the original link for the full detailed guide, be warned: that area of the Internet is dangerous. 

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The dark web is full of illegal activity, along with illicit and disturbing content. Note that the U.S. governmentsometimes treats the simple use of browsers that access the dark web as grounds for search and seizure of personal property. Also, your personal and private data might be stolen as you venture through the dark depths. So if you want to, here’s the link to the full guide so you can try. Do not go into this lightly. 

Image credit: Markus Spiske

Source: neatorama

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