Brutish, if Workable, Flying Car has Gigantic Unfolding Rotors Slapped on Top

Chinese automaker Xpeng has successfully completed the maiden voyage of their flying car, the AeroHT. The design is brutish, but they’ve gotten it to work: They’ve essentially taken the form factor of a sedan, albeit a futuristic and swoopy one, and slapped gigantic arms with rotors onto the roof. All told, the contraption weighs a whopping 1,936kg (4,268 lbs.). Here’s the concept art:

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Here’s the actual prototype, achieving liftoff for the first time:

In its final iteration, the design calls for the rotors to unfurl from the car like an insect’s wings:

Here’s the company’s vision for the vehicle:

“In driving mode, it is comparable with any conventional cars in terms of functionality and measurement. In flight mode, the flying car is piloted using the steering wheel and the right-hand gear lever as controls to move forward and backward, make turns, ascend, hover and descend. Subject to laws and regulations for the low-altitude airspace, it can take off and land vertically, and fly over traffic congestion, obstacles and rivers to meet a new host of short-distance mobility needs.”

Xpeng has some 700 people working on the project, projected to rise to over 1,000 by the end of the year. They’ve also raised over $500 million in capital, meaning this unlikely-looking vehicle stands a decent chance of becoming reality. And if drivers really can gain the ability to fly over traffic jams, I don’t think anyone will give a damn what it looks like!

Source: core77

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