Building Numbers that Double as Birdhouses

These building numbers, called Our Common House, double as birdhouses.

Designed by Poland-based industrial designers Mikolaj Nicer and Pawel Frej, they’re intended for cities. “Urban bird populations are often the best opportunity for interacting with the wildlife a city dweller has,” they write. “We should respect this chance and support our winged neighbors.”

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“The outer casing of the Our Common House module is made of natural fired clay. The clay casing covers the nesting box made of natural wood (pine, oak, or poplar) which offering a comfortable breeding opportunity to the birds and protection from the elements and urban predators. The front panel can be removed allowing for cleaning and maintenance after the nesting season.”

“The lack of nesting opportunities is one of the most important factors limiting the success of urban bird populations. Modern building technologies and concepts of city space organization leave little room for opportunistic nesting.”

“Our Common House offers a simple and scalable solution to this problem. It turns the common element of building aesthetics into a functional nesting unit, thus providing the population of urban birds with an invaluable resource.”

TU Delft grad Nicer runs his own ID studio, Nicer Design.


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