Butterfly With Deformity Gets Prosthetic Wing Sewn On

A woman from the U.S. shared this heartwarming Facebook post of how she repaired a butterfly’s broken wing with a few tools and a guide she found online. Romy McCloskey helps dozens of butterflies go through metamorphosis by taking caterpillars indoors and releasing them into the wild once the transformation process is done. For one particular insect, its right wing came out deformed and Romy decided to take action by creating an artificial wing for him.

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The procedure looks something like surgery for butterflies and thankfully, 

Romy is a costume designer and does embroidery by trade, so it made the delicate procedure of creating an artificial butterfly wing much easier for her.

Romy then posted updates of the butterfly flying in nature with his new prosthetic wing. 

Check out the full article from Megaphone. 

(Image credit: Romy McCloskey / Facebook)

Source: neatorama

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