Buy United Airlines’ Nuts!

United Airlines’ first class nuts are on sale. You don’t have to take any of their flights (with the pandemic, I’m not sure you can anyway) to get a taste of the airlines’ snack. The airlines stopped serving these nuts to passengers to reduce contact between passengers and flight attendants, as One Mile At A Time details: 

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As a result, GNS Foods has more than 30,000 pounds of excess nuts… that’s a lot of nuts!

As Kim Peacock, owner of GNS Foods, describes the situation:

“Not only are we left with bags of mixes, we are also left with the raw ingredients and ingredient contracts from the suppliers. We were asked to maintain United’s costs on their mixes for one year. In order to do that, we had to sign raw ingredient contracts for one year. 

Now we’re left with these contracts. If nut prices rise, then you can sell the contract at a profit. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. Nut prices fell, and the raw ingredient suppliers are looking to us to make up the difference! The other question is, ‘Where to go with all of these nuts?’”

Peacock believes these will be “scooped” up in no time:

Image via One Mile At A Time

Source: neatorama

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