BuzziPleat Ruffs Merge Acoustics and Lighting

There’s been a lot of “buzz” around BuzziSpace and 13&9‘s award-winning BuzziPleat, aka giant ruffs that can be used as sound dampeners, lighting, and/or decoration. 

They look just like this…

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but are way more functional. Although, pretty much anything else would be—unless anyone can convince me otherwise, those neck things do not seem to serve a purpose. 

All jokes aside, the ruffs really were inspired by techniques used to design the hot fashion item of the Renaissance (pleating, smocking, etc.).

The thick felt pleats are actually what make the ruffs so good at dampening sound. When attached to a light source, the structures can even hang from the ceiling with a purpose—for example over a loud dining table.

What do you think? Is the repurposed circular pleat trend useful for the home, or should it have been left in the golden age?

Source: core77

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