Camera Stories: Pat Valade and his Olympus MJU II (Stylus Epic)

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Keep it small and simple. The Olympus stylus, I’ve broken a few but this one’s lasting so far. I took this by the sea during a big winter storm, it was a constant dance of trying to shoot and jumping back and forth with the water.

Pat Valade

Pat Valade

So this was taken during a winter storm on the Sea Wall in Vancouver. The seawall was closed, but a friend and I bike down through Stanley park to see if there was any flooding. We spend a good hour here watching the waves crash up against the wall while I danced madly backwards and forwards shooting a full roll with a flash trying to freeze wave. It was quite funny now that I think about it, using such a small camera to try and freeze something like one of these waves. I used an Olympus Stylus Epic Point and Shoot for this, I’ve been shooting with a point and shoot like this for years, this is probably my fourth one after breaking a few. Let me know what other info you might need!


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