Can Ball Aluminum's Party Cup Take on the Red Solo?

The ubiquitous red Solo cup, that staple of backyard barbecues and college keg parties, now has an aluminum challenger.

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Ball Aluminum is betting that their single-use (or single-event) cup will win customers over because it’s sturdier, delivers “superior cold drinks” with a “cold-touch experience,” and is better for the environment: “Unlike plastic, aluminum recycles over and over without losing quality.”

I think that the aluminum cups look cooler, but I’m skeptical about uptake, at least in America; a 30-pack runs $20, about 67 cents a cup; spending five bucks more will get you 300 Solo cups, which come in at 8 cents a pop. Call me crazy, but I don’t think the average American is willing to pay an 800% premium because something is better for the environment.

Source: core77

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