Can Food Ease the Pain of a Hangover?

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We have all been through that morning after a hangover. The familiar banging sensation that won’t stop racking our heads. But is it actually possible to get through the pain of the hangover by eating? Will it give us any relief? There have been different remedies for a hangover suggested throughout history.

Several years ago a freshly deciphered Egyptian papyrus revealed that even 1,900 years ago, cures for the after-effects of consuming too much alcohol were on people’s minds – the recommended option in this case being a necklace made out of the leatherleaf plant.

Various other treatments suggested by folklore include a breakfast of pickled herrings, a fried canary (thanks, Romans), salty plums, and the Prairie Oyster, an American concoction consisting of raw eggs, tomato juice, hot sauce, and other fixings. Anything that might cure the pounding headache, nausea, fatigue, and disorientation that characterize the hangover has been tried.

But it seems like we can’t eat the pain away.

However, very little, other than the tincture of time, seems to work. One difficulty in designing a hangover treatment is that exactly what a hangover is, when it comes down molecular biology, is still not clearly known. Intriguingly, hangover symptoms don’t occur until the alcohol has already left our blood.

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