Can You Believe These Amazing Photos Were Taken on an iPhone?

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Have you ever heard of the IPPAs? No, we’re not talking about the bitter beers, but the iPhone Photography Awards. It’s an annual contest that recognizes the best photographs taken with an iPhone. This year’s competition was the contest’s 10th edition, and we now know all the winners and the runners up. This year, the jury had to choose between thousands of entries from over 140 countries before selecting the top three winners in each of the 18 categories, which range from photojournalism to panoramas and architecture to still lifes.

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The winner of this year’s grand prize was Sebastiano Tomada from Brooklyn, NY. His photo captures children wandering the streets of Qayyarah, Iraq, after an Daesh attack on the city’s oil wells.

Sebastiano Tomada

As for the rest, we’ve compiled a selection of our favorite award-winning photos below:

Dina Alfasi, Israël, 1st place for “People”
Paddy Chao, 1st place for “Architecture”, photo of the well in Chand Baori, India.
Thea Mihu, 2nd place for “News/Events”. Photo of the anti-corruption demonstration in Sibiu, Romania on February 4, 2017.
David Redhill, 2nd place for “Abstract”.
Juan Carlos Castañeda, 1st place for “The America I Know”. Photo of the demonstrations at Standing Rock.
Deena Berton, 2nd place for “Still Life”.
Chung Hung, 3rd place for “Lifestyle”.
Szymon Felkel , 1st place for “Children”.
Darren Boyd , 1st place for “Other”.

You have until next March to register for the 2018 edition of the IPPAWARDS.

Translated by Meredith Balkus.


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