Can You Guess What These Leather, Steel and Sheepskin Objects are For?

A Fort-Lauderdale-based company called Megafend produces these odd and attractive objects below. They’re made from materials that appeal to me—stainless steel, leather, sheepskin—but sadly, I’ll never be in the target market of consumers that buy these. You can probably guess their general function by studying their forms, but I’d be shocked if you could guess the precise application:

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So the manufacturer’s full name is Megafend Mooring Products, and those are “custom handcrafted fender hooks for super and mega yachts.” (Owners of regular yachts can presumably shop elsewhere.)

“Custom handcrafted to securely fit the rail or bulwark profile of your megayacht or superyacht and hardware configured to your exact needs. Each assures ideal protection from line abrasion on rail or gelcoat surfaces and helps assure that suspended fender lines remain clear of yacht surfaces.

“Each is artfully formed without sharp edges and most styles have the underside covered with a super soft sheep wool. The topside is covered with premium grade maintenance-free (NEVER-OIL) leather in beautiful marine colors. The coverings are artfully stitched together for a richly detailed look. Hardware is quality 316 stainless, polished or powder-coated in a range of colors. Brilliant anodized finishes are also available.”

And for those who aren’t into leather, there’s of course a carbon-fiber variant.

Prices are not listed—but at this level of retail, I’m not even sure there are fixed prices.

Source: core77

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