Can You Solve This Puzzle?

“I created a cruel puzzle. Please don’t get mad when you realise what’s so cruel about it. Seriously,” said a Twitter user with the handle @asuwara0624. 

The cruel puzzle consists of four different images. Beside the images are circles, in varying number for each image (with some circles numbered 1-4), which need to be filled in with katakana characters associated with the image. Finally, the katakana from the 1-4 need to be taken out and arranged to create a new word. Sounds easy, right? But, like what @asuwara0624 said, this is a “cruel puzzle”. So what’s so “cruel” about this, and how do you solve it? Find out on SoraNews24.

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(Image Credit: @asuwara0624/ Twitter)

Source: neatorama

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