Can You Visit Your Ex In Your Dreams?

I believe the first question we should really ask here is- would you visit your ex in your dreams? If you would, then we should proceed to knowing if and how you could say hello to your ex in the dreamscape. Surprisingly, there are ‘astral realm’ travel tutorials on YouTube. Vice’s Dominique Sisley attempted to visit her ex-boyfriend in her dreams, and here’s her experience: 

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It sounds easy enough, so I close my eyes and think about how I’d like to appear. I have nothing to say to this ex-boyfriend, and I’m confident he won’t enjoy my visit, so I try to keep my messaging upbeat and inoffensive. Just a quick cameo, maybe; a passing hello and some generic well wishes.

“Universe,” I say out loud, to no one, “please pass on my apologies for being a selfish brat during our relationship. Also, please throw in some warm regards for these unprecedented times.”

I wonder for a moment whether creeping into someone’s mind while they sleep, without their consent, is an act of abuse. But I quickly swat the idea off. It’s just an experiment, after all: according to an increasing number of YouTube influencers, visiting people’s dreams is both easy and fine. So I go ahead with it and send him a message the next morning to check in. “Bit of a weird one, but did you have any strange dreams last night?” I ask, as casually as possible. He doesn’t reply.

Image via Vice 

Source: neatorama

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