Cancelled Military Operations That Would Have Changed Everything

When military leaders draw up plans for operations meant to help them win a battle, if not the war, their plans are ideally designed to have maximum impact on the enemy with minimal friendly casualties.

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However, these operations have a lot of factors involved that need to come together perfectly for the plan to succeed, so if there’s a question of failure or repercussions they’re likely to pull the plug.

The Nazi invasion of Switzerland seemed inevitable during World War II, and Switzerland even raised the draft age to 60 just to make sure they could defend against a Nazi invasion.

But in the end Hitler clearly felt the backlash from the German people for attacking a neutral country would be too great, and the rest is history!

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This info packed video from Top Tenz discusses potentially impactful military operations that were scrapped at the last minute, revealing how wartime military operations can shape history whether set into motion or not.

Source: neatorama

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