Candy-Themed Hand Sanitizer

A photo of a two-pack of Warheads-band candy-themed sanitizer piqued the interest of the Internet. The sanitizer is available in scents such as green apple and lemon (classic flavors of sour candy), and is alcohol-free. If the sanitizer has no alcohol is it even useful? Vice has the answer: 

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The hand sanitizer is listed as alcohol-free—possibly for obvious reasons—and it uses benzalkonium chloride as its active ingredient, which the CDC says “has less reliable activity against coronavirus” than either ethanol or isopropanol alcohols. A safety data sheet for the product recommends contacting a physician or the Poison Control Center if the Warheads Hand Sanitizer is accidentally ingested, so the existence of this stuff seems like…maybe not the best idea? (It also seems to put its faith in humans not being idiots, which is risky at best.)

image via Vice

Source: neatorama

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