Captain Kirk Puts His Foot in His Mouth

The USS Enterprise is under attack, but any defense plan is derailed by Kirk using antiquated earth idioms. The bridge crew is very diverse, as the future Starfleet became more diverse every time a new Star Trek series launched. That means there are plenty of Enterprise officers on board who are offended by the things he says (and more than even the captain is aware of). Kirk starts to figure out a way out of the mess, but he throws a little too much mustard on his plan and it ends up taking longer than it should. Oh no, I’ve probably just offended a crew member from the planet Mustard.

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This animated scene is from Casper Kelly, who gave us Too Many Cooks. It is the first of  a series of five videos called Very Short Treks that pay homage to Star Trek: the Animated Series for the series’ 50th anniversary. We will be looking forward to seeing the rest!   

Source: neatorama

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