Captivating Time-Lapse Captures the Vibrant Energy of New York City

New York City Time Lapse by Michael Shainblum

New York is often described as “the city that never sleeps.” No matter the time of day or night, there’s always something going on, from the 24/7 subway system to the late-night bars and cafés. And if you’ve ever visited the huge metropolis, you’re likely to have been dazzled by the iconic skyline, filled with seemingly endless skyscrapers. When photographer Michael Shainblum first visited NYC, he instantly fell in love with the city. So much so that he decided to create a mesmerizing time-lapse video of his “favorite city in the world.”

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Titled Liberty, the 3-minute video comprises around 15,000 still photographs Shainblum captured between 2016 and 2018. From sweeping aerial views to street-level vantage points, the stunning footage takes viewers on a journey through the iconic city from various perspectives. Stand-out scenes include the glittering pink-hued cityscape at sunset and the neon glow of Times Square from above.

“I vividly remember my first experience of New York City as a kid, before I became a photographer,” reveals Shainblum. “The shear sense of scale, the incredible architecture and just the over all feeling I got walking around the city. That experience became one of the reasons I got into photography.” Shainblum created his incredible time-lapse video as a way to recreate and share the same feeling he first had when visiting New York City. He explains, “From the sensory overload of standing on a busy New York street corner. To the tranquility of standing on a skyscraper, like being on top of the world.”

Watch the beautiful footage below and see more of Shainblum’s work on his website.

Photographer Michael Shainblum created this mesmerizing time-lapse video of New York City, titled Liberty.

New York City Time Lapse by Michael Shainblum

Watch the stunning footage below.

Michael Shainblum: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Vimeo
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All images via Michael Shainblum/YouTube.

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