Carcinogenic Comics: Doral Cigarette Ads For Kids

I’m so old that I remember when doctors used to endorse cigarettes. I recall the "Winston Tastes Good Like a Cigarette Should" and "Whaddaya Want – Good Grammar or Good Taste" slogans from the Sixties. And I remember these ads from back when I sometimes used to read Marvel comic books. From Flashbak:

You could never get away with this sort of thing today. Any hint that the cigarette ad is marketed towards minors is strictly verboten in the US. But back in the early seventies, it was ‘game on’. The Doral tobacco company utilized the same basic advertising strategy as Twinkies: humorous and colorful full-page comic book ads.

And it’s not just Doral; Camel and Winston got in on the act, the latter with their famous Flintstones ad aired in prime time. This ad, available on YouTube, is embedded in the article referenced above.

So have a look at what the tobacco companies once did to lead up to that multibillion dollar lawsuit that they lost. But it wasn’t all bad news – a fellow I knew in high school retired at age 45 because he became an attorney at the right place and time and got a piece of that action. And he didn’t smoke.

Source: neatorama

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