Carry a Tiny World on Your Smartphone with These Microcosmic GIFs

A graphic designer explores what it would be like to contain an entire a world inside a bottle. Yet, the bottles are illustrated and serve as animated containers for detailed GIFs hopping within them. Raphael Varona, a designer and animator currently based in the Netherlands, found a fascination with animation after studying visual arts in college. 

Working under German masters, such as graphic designer Henning Wagenbreth and filmmakerHeinz Emigholz, the young Varona grew his knowledge and capabilities so that in 2013, at the height of his infatuation with animation, he created the first Impossible Bottles series. The original series focused on a dreamier state of mind, more wooded landscapes and bodies of water in motion. Now, in his latest collection of contained, microcosmic animated worlds, the future is nigh—and extremely visually complex.

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“Unlike the meditative atmosphere in [the first Impossible Bottles],” explains Varona to Creators, “more vivid and intense ambience is created inside these [new] bottles. Also the plot, if there is one, concentrates more on the things hidden beneath us. The creatures underground.”

The tableaus created in the latest Bottles often convey chaos occurring right under the nose of total calm. In one animation, a ferociously agitated robot giant stomps about underneath a staid country house. Another snow globe-like GIF parallels the two worlds of an ancient society, working at their normal day, with a hulking Aztec spirit brooding beneath it. Take a look at Raphael’s GIF art below:

Visit Rafael Varona’s Facebook, Behance, and website to see more of his artwork.

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