Cartoonish Surfboards By Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien is known for his installations which feature cartoonish characters. Now, he has collaborated with surfboard manufacturer Fernand to create cartoonish surfboards. The four characters, which feature two grinning fish, a whale, and a seal, are all hand-drawn by Jullien on the foam boards. The boards are then glazed by Resin League, and then polished by Paul Hyde.

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The playful and innocent designs on these surfboards seem to contrast with the “coolness” we generally associate with surfing, which is refreshing and perhaps encourages us all to take ourselves a little less seriously.

Jullien has also designed some tiny – yet very cool indeed – surfer dudes which have been embroidered upon sweatshirts and a T-shirt, which come in soothing ocean tones of deep blue, khaki and black.


(Image Credit: Julien Binet/ Jean Jullien via Colossal)

Source: neatorama

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