Casey, Illinois: The Small Town with Big Stuff

The town of Casey is near where interstate 70 crosses the Illinois-Indiana border. It has a population of only 2,404 people, but the town has plenty to brag about- like multiple Guinness World records for large items. They have the world’s largest wind chimes, rocking chair, knitting needles, mailbox, clogs, pitchfork, and more. The town holds eleven world records as of now, and that draws people off the interstate to come see them.

In most small towns that put themselves on the map, so to speak, there is usually one person behind the attractions. In Casey, that would be local business owner Jim Bolin. He built the wind chimes as the first “big thing” for Casey, and then just kept on creating everyday items on a scale that’s larger than life. In addition to the record-holders, the town has quite a few other enormous objects to show off. Read about Casey and its big things at Mental Floss.

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Source: neatorama

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