Cashier Thinks Customer’s Driver’s License Is Fake, Cuts It In Half, Proceeds To Get Fired

Good customer service is something you barely notice because it’s so smooth and unintrusive. It’s only later that you fully appreciate just how professional it really was. But bad service? That’s the kind of thing you call out and later gossip about with your coworkers.

Reddit user Sensitive_Positive37 shared their run-in with a less-than-friendly cashier at a local grocery store. She didn’t believe that the redditor’s driver’s license was real because it was an American one while they admitted that they were a foreigner. This led to a dramatic moment where the employee destroyed the ID card… and later went on to get fired.

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Even though nobody should have their belongings destroyed, Sensitive_Positive37 still felt guilty about the result. Do you think they did the right thing by asking to speak to the cashier’s manager, dear Pandas? How would you have diffused the situation before it got out of hand? Read the full story and give your verdict below.

A cashier ended up getting fired for acting very unprofessionally towards a customer who was from a foreign country

Image credits: Midnight Believer (not the actual photo)

Image credits: Sensitive_Positive37

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Reddit overwhelmingly said that Sensitive_Positive37 wasn’t wrong to have gotten the cashier fired, even if they simply wanted to file a complaint with their higher-up. It was the employee’s attitude, assumptions, and rash actions that led to her losing her job, not the fact that somebody called her out on her behavior.

Good service partly relies on common sense (i.e. don’t randomly start cutting people’s ID cards in half) and partly on getting proper training. Not every employee has enough experience on the job to know how to deal with rare situations with customers, so getting some guidance prior to this can help them solve the issues instead of making them worse.

This entire situation could have been avoided had the cashier been a bit more open-minded, a tad less suspicious, and maybe even humble enough to talk to her manager first.

Nobody’s denying that some people use fake ID cards. However, to accuse somebody of having a fake document because they weren’t born in the US just shows the inherent prejudice some people have.

The employees who do well in retail—as well as in any other area, to be honest—are the ones that go the extra mile to help their customers. That doesn’t mean treating everyone like a king (we know there are plenty of rude and entitled customers, too), but it does mean always being professional and treating others with the respect that you expect to see from them.

A genuine smile here, a kind word there, and a willingness to solve problems make all the difference. Just remember to leave your scissors in the break room.

Most redditors agreed that the original poster of the story did nothing wrong by speaking to the cashier’s manager

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