Casio Goes Retro With Forthcoming A100 Series

In 1977, Casio made something revolutionary: A digital watch with a plastic body.

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Rather than using then-common metal, the F-100’s resin body made it a lot lighter on the wrist. Digital watches made from black plastic then became ubiquitous.

The F-100 was futuristic-looking for the era, and in 1978, the production crew working on Ridley Scott’s Alien hacked two F-100s together for Sigourney Weaver’s character Ripley to wear as a prop.

When Alien was released in 1979, it became a hit, and fans noticed the watch(es). The creative among them hacked replicas together.

Making the replicas wouldn’t be easy today, because the F-100 was canceled in 1979, upstaged by newer models. F-100s are rare enough that they go for hundreds of dollars on eBay. However, watch website G-Central reports that Casio is releasing an updated version of the F-100 sometime in August.

Called the A100WE-1A, it’s a dead ringer for the F-100, except they’re in metallic cases.

The A100WE-1A will reportedly retail for $90.

Source: core77

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