Casio Releases Titanium Alloy G-Shock

Casio has released a new model in their Full Metal series, which looks like something Tony Stsrk would wear: The GMW-B500TR, which is made from a proprietary titanium alloy called TranTixxii™.

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“The new titanium alloy was developed with Nippon Steel Corporation over a six-year period of R&D. This special alloy delivers roughly twice the hardness of pure titanium, but still boasts the same lightweight, anticorrosive and hypoallergenic properties. This intense hardness makes it possible to produce a mirror finish comparable to stainless steel on titanium, which typically has been difficult to process in this way. The result is the first titanium G-SHOCK with a mirror-finished bezel and band.”

What’s not clear is if this will come ‘Stateside; while Casio has put out a U.S. press release, at press time the watch only appeared on the Casio Asia website.

Source: core77

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