Cassina Reverse-Engineers Architect's Personal Bookcase Design from 1940

In 1940, Italian architect Franco Albini designed and built this Veliero bookcase. It wasn’t intended for production; Albini made it as a one-off for his home in Milan.

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“Veliero” is Italian for “sailing,” if you’re wondering where the inspiration for the rigging came from.

The clean photos above are not of the original version. Italian furniture company Cassina apparently ran lasers over the original to reverse-engineer it:

“After a lengthy period of research and development, ably assisted by state-of-the-art technology, the company’s designers created a production prototype of the original 1940 piece that architect Franco Albini made as a one-off for his Milan home. Respecting the authentic underlying concept of the design, with its compelling experimental feel, as well as its surprisingly spare, linear looks, today’s model preserves the minimal ideal of the original: a feeling of air and light so that the books and objects seem to float free. Thus does Cassina restore to the contemporary world of design one of its most emblematic artefacts, a piece that has acquired the status of a work of art, as magical now as it was when it was first seen.”

“It is now also available in an exclusive limited edition in ashwood stained black with stainless steel metallic caps and elements.”

Their renamed 838 Veliero Bookcase Cassina runs 32 grand, plus shipping.

Source: core77

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