Castles & Koopas – Slay The Sewer Monsters, Get Paid

Castles & Koopas by Creative Outpouring

It doesn’t take much imagination to play a video game, so if you want to really let your fancies take flight you’ve gotta dive in to the world of roleplaying games- where anything can happen. Plumbers can become mighty heroes capable of flinging magic fireballs and growing to three times his original size, mushrooms can come to life and join the fight against the forces of darkness, and turtles can fly. In an RPG all things are possible with the roll of a die, and your adventures in plumbing can dig as deep as you want!

Add an imaginative mashup to your geeky wardrobe with this Castles & Koopas t-shirt by Creative Outpouring, it’s sure to be a critical hit with your fellow gamers!

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