Cat Names Generated by Artificial Intelligence

The cats at Austin Pets Alive have some imaginative names, but they have nothing on cats with AI-generated names! Janelle Shane (previously at Neatorama) has trained a neural network to name cats. This is her second attempt, using an algorithm that is familiar with English as used on the internet. The results were so good that the Morris Animal Refuge in Philadelphia is using the generated list to name their kittens. Pompompur is one of the “fancy” names generated. Then they get weird. Shane sorted the names into lists of the fancy, then the “opposite of fancy,” such as Gangrene and Dr Fart, and “tough to downright sinister,” including Warning Signs, Serendipitous Kill, and Mr. Sinister. But the best category is what Shane considers “very weird cats names.”     

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This Guy
Various Authors
Chicken Whiskey
Fish Especially
Thelonious Monsieur
Accepted A Tribute

But those are just a sampling of the many names listed at Shane’s post. Whether you are looking for a cat name or not, you’ll want to see them. But keep in mind before you select one for your cat, that sooner or later you’ll be yelling the cat’s name from your front porch for the entire neighborhood to hear. -via Metafilter

(Image: Morris Animal Refuge)

Source: neatorama

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