Cat Whiskers Diligently Cataloged in a Hand-bound Book

People save the darnedest things. Janet Gnosspelius was a British architect and historical preservationist who died in 2010. Her obituary tells us:

Janet was meticulous in everything she did – and eccentric. She was known for her jodhpurs, collar-and-tie, handmade tweeds and elegant cigarette holder, her cats (who signed off many letters), 1939 Sunbeam Talbot car, prodigious workload and caustic red pen. She carried on an extraordinary range of correspondence, all hand-typed on a battered Imperial.

That meticulousness was a lifetime habit. As a teenager, Gnosspelius kept her cats’ discarded whiskers as she found them, documented the circumstances of each, and bound them in a book. That catalogue is now part of an exhibition about Gnosspelius’ distinguished family, and you can see images of it (and her cats) at Colossal.  -via Metafilter

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Source: neatorama

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