Celebrating a Century of Americana: Collecting Pyrex, Collecting Culture

The collectors’ panel, “Celebrating a Century of Americana: Collecting Pyrex, Collecting Culture,” features four experienced collectors in the field of Pyrex acquisition and research, who will enlighten and entertain with advice about America’s favorite dish.

0:00 – Introduction of Tina Oldknow by Karol Wight
2:08 – Introduction of Panelists by Tina Oldknow
9:34 – Doug DeCota
34:16 – Allison Kapner
51:51 – Megan McGrady
1:05:16 – Dianne M. Williams
1:27:52 – Remarks from Tina Oldknow
1:28:32 – Q&A
1:38:24 – Closing Remarks from Kris Wetterlund

Doug DeCota was born and raised in central Illinois. He relocated to southeastern Louisiana after high school and earned a degree in business administration from the University of New Orleans. Employed in the field of transportation logistics, he is a resident of suburban New Orleans with his wife of 30 years, Laura…https://www.cmog.org/bio/doug-decota

Allison Kapner is a 2nd generation native Floridian, and is an attorney specializing in family law. She has practiced law with her father for the past 15 years, and recently joined the law firm of Ward Damon, where she is a partner. Allison’s love for vintage glassware/dishes started to bloom when she thrifted her first Snowflake Garland mixing bowls. Allison voraciously dove into collecting vintage Pyrex from that moment on, as well as reading up on Pyrex, it’s history, and how it evolved over the years…https://www.cmog.org/bio/allison-kapner

Megan McGrady is an avid collector and historian of all things vintage Pyrex. After receiving a set of Autumn Harvest casseroles as a gift from her mom, she caught the collecting bug and has never looked back. Her mission is to help document and share rare and hard to find vintage Pyrex with the community—pictures, documentation, as well as the stories of the people who created and collect it…https://www.cmog.org/bio/megan-mcgrady

Following a thirty-two year career in education, as a teacher and a librarian, Dianne M. Williams’ interest turned to collecting Pyrex® Ware in 2004 during trips with her son (Pyrex photographer and collaborator) looking for “antique glassware.” She became intrigued by the many recognizable pieces and patterns of Pyrex® Ware, collecting, researching and writing a complete and comprehensive collector’s resource book…https://www.cmog.org/bio/dianne-m-williams

This panel was part of the 54th Annual Seminar on Glass at The Corning Museum of Glass on Oct 17, 2015. #pyrexseminar

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