Celebrities Whose Parents Were Famous for Something Very Different

In the past few years, we’ve grown familiar with the term “nepo baby” (short for nepotism), referring to Hollywood stars who got their start because their parents were Hollywood stars first. Sure, they wouldn’t have made the big time without talent, but they came by that talent naturally, or else were raised with it, plus they had name recognition. What you probably haven’t heard of are the many stars who had notable -or notorious- parents outside of Hollywood, or even show business of any kind. Did that help them in their careers? Only for the fact that most didn’t have to struggle to survive until they got noticed, for the most part. Maybe they were able to handle fame a little better than the average Joe, but acting wasn’t a part of their upbringing. Weird History takes a look at the unlikely stories of ten actors and singers who had parents with surprising stories outside of the business as scientists, politicians, war heroes, athletes, and criminals. And they managed to complete the list without Woody Harrelson.

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Source: neatorama

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